Return/Refund Policy

If you receive a package with obvious damage, we recommend that you refuse the package unless the carrier acknowledges the damage on their delivery record.  Do not sign for the goods without such acknowledgement.  All Public carriers accept responsibility for in-transit damage while goods are in their custody and control.  If the damage was concealed, call the carrier immediately when the damage is detected.


Biotize, LLC goes to great lengths to be sure the products we ship are of the highest quality and without damage when they leave our facility. Since Bioremediation products can incur undetectable damage when they are outside our control, they cannot be resold and we cannot therefore accept product back.

If we make a mistake and ship a product other than the product ordered, we will of course correct our mistake at no cost to our customer.


First, follow the instruction in the first paragraph above.

You have every right to expect equipment to arrive in a undamaged and useable condition.  If you receive equipment that does not operate properly, please call or e-mail us immediately with a description of the problem.  The first thing we will do is determine if the problem can be detected and corrected while we are communicating with you.

If that first effort is not successful, we will provide you with an ARM (Authorization to Return Material) number along with instructions for returning the item(s).  We will need to know if you want the damaged goods replaced or if you prefer a refund.

LAST UPDATED:February 2, 2012