Drain Line/Grease Trap Kit
Drain line/grease trap kit

You can pay more and you might pay less, but you can't buy a better value for drain-line maintenance than the biotizer® program.


BESTechnologies, Inc. Earns USDA Certified Biobased Product Label
Sarasota, FL. (January 03, 2013)

BESTechnologies, Inc. has earned the USDA Certified Biobased Product Label. The USDA Certified Biobased Product Label verifies that the product’s amount of renewable biobased ingredients meets or exceeds prescribed USDA standards. Biobased products are goods composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry, or marine materials.

Ron Buckhalt - USA BioPreferred Program Manager


Significantly reduce or eliminate the need for these recurring expenses with biotizer® Maintenance and Treatment Programs.

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Back-ups were a regular occurrence at the restaurants I manage until deciding to try the biotizer® program. Grease related back-ups are now a thing of the past.
Mike (Manager) - Amusement Park

Odor Control Components

Pleasence is a liquid in a 2 oz. spray bottle that neutralizes malodor and leaves behind a Citrus Orange Scent.

SCENTALIZER is a liquid masking agent that masks the odor from floor drains and is very beneficial when mixed with biotizer's FOG-Away Floor Drain Spray, particularly when the spray treatment is being applied during business hours.

Pleasence and SCENTALIZER are safe to use in proximity to food preparation activity.



BIOTIZE, LLC will offer only products that we determine to be environmentally friendly, safe, effective and reasonably priced