Answers to Common Questions 

Q: How can a small amount of your product help my grease problem?
A: When there is grease or other organic matter available and the environment is not hostile to the bacteria, the bacteria in the product will begin to do two things simultaneously – eat the grease & other organic matter and reproduce, with the result being a growing colony of hungry bacteria.

Q: Your web site indicates the biotizer dispenser pumps oxygen, along with Dosing Material into the drain line. How does oxygen help?
A: The bacteria used in the biotizer dispenser is facultative, meaning it can eat grease with or without oxygen, but it THRIVES when it has access to oxygen.

Q: Where can I learn more about bioremediation technology?
A: You will find a lot of information throughout this web site, but you can learn even more by going to www.bestechcorp.com (the web site of the supplier of our product).

Q: Is the biotizer drainline maincenance program environmentally friendly?
A: Yes- we market products only if they are environmentally friendly.

Q: I like the program but I don’t like having to perform the monthly service.
A: Contact Us for a list of Service Providers in your area.

Q: What is involved in making an installation?
A: Installation can be accomplished by anyone with minimal handyman skills and as few tools as a drill motor, drill bit and screwdriver. Click. Installing the Biotizer .pdf PowerPoint file for details.

Q: How long does it take to perform the monthly service?
A: Only a few minutes to fill the new bag and switch out the spent bag. Click Servicing the Biotizer .pdf PowerPoint file for details.

Q: How long does it take to perform the Floor Drain Spray treatment?
A: For a typical restaurant, our estimate one or two minutes to prepare the product in the sprayer plus 10 or 15 seconds at each floor drain and another couple of minutes to treat other hard-to-clean areas making the total time around 5 minutes.

Q: Why do I need the Drainline Maintenance AND the Floor Drain Treatment programs – aren’t they the same?
A: The Drain Line Maintenance uses the biotizer dispenser to repeatedly (more than 40 times every day) inject bioremediation product into the most active drain line leading to the grease trap and is formulated to eat the grease and other organic matter, primarily to prevent blockages. The Floor Drain Treatment program uses a slightly different formula that not only eats grease and organic matter in the feeder lines, but also reduces odor.

For More information about bioremediation visit BESTechnologies website